Mad Libs For Non-Profits: Sample Follow Us On Twitter Copy

Sometimes, when I'm under the gun to write marketing copy, I wish I could pluck exactly what I need from the internet. I'm not suggesting plagiarism, just getting ideas from what other people did well before me. Below this paragraph is some copy I put together for a non-profit looking to introduce their new Twitter account to their members. I used the copy on this page as my starting point to get inspired. If you're under the gun to get something out about Twitter and need some text to get your juices flowing, feel free to use what I wrote as your starting point. Just let me know as I'd love to see the end result.

You’re busy. We understand. If you don’t have time to go to our website regularly and check in to see what’s new, consider creating a Twitter account and follow [insert your organization's name here] at [insert your organization's twitter account here.]

Twitter allows you to exchange information quickly and in real time between [insert your organization's name here] and fellow [insert issue, activity, etc. here] lovers. We tweet about breaking [insert issue, activity, etc. here] news, plus activities and events at  [insert your organization's name here] that will keep you informed about our work.

Twitter facilitates real-time interaction. Do you know you can send and receive tweets by text on your mobile phone? Tweet any message to [insert your organization's twitter account here] and quickly send us things we should be aware of: comments, critique, questions, or simply let us know what you love about [insert issue, activity, etc. here.] We’re interested in you and what you have to say.

We don’t just do ‘corporate’ tweets so you’re just as likely to hear about [insert issue, activity, etc. here] as you are to hear about [insert issue, activity, etc. here.] We also promise that you won’t ever get inundated with tweets; we’d rather tweet about things that we find genuinely interesting enough to share, (even if that means we tweet less often), or that we want you to comment on and pass along.

We’re interested in using Twitter to get to know our members better and we will follow everyone if it looks like they have a real Twitter account.  And you needn’t worry, if you do start to follow us you won’t get a spammy automated direct message that tries to [insert issue, activity, etc. here.] We’ll only direct message you if it’s a relevant message that only you should see.

See for yourself by visiting the [insert your organization's name here] Twitter page. If you’d like to follow us you can also do so from that page.

We hope to see you soon on Twitter!

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